Superbook is a major and epic undertaking by CBN to show the relevance of the Bible to a 21st century generation. It's a massive encouragement to us and a role model for what we aim to work towards with the quality of our animations in the next few years.

In each episode of Superbook best friends Chris and Joy are faced with an everyday problem that Superbook helps them to solve by actually placing them in the stories of the Bible and letting them meet and interact with biblical characters.

CBN created Superbook as part of a campaign to reach Japan nearly 30 years ago. It was a monumental success drawing a weekly audience of nearly 4 million people. During the fall of communism in the 1990s Superbook aired across the former Soviet Union where millions of lives where changed through the Superbook series and more than 100 countries watched the original Superbook series. It was translated into more than 43 languages, viewed by an estimated half billion people.

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