'Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile' Movie Based On Beloved Children's Book

'Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile' Movie Based On Beloved Children's Book

Check out this adorable movie trailer coming out this fall. There is finally a “Lyle, Lyle Crocodile” movie based on the beloved children's book.

In this precious new movie trailer, there is a crocodile in the city. The little boy says that the crocodile can sing. Suddenly, the crocodile, Lyle dances and sings. 

A woman is in a building and listening to an incredible voice. She grabs a broom in fear and walks around the corner. As she gets into the bathroom where the singing is coming from her house, she screams at the sight of a big green crocodile in her bathtub. 

The crocodile screams too, it is hysterical. 

The landlord comes to the door and welcomes the family to their new house. He tells them about his extraordinary crocodile and his great talent. He says that the crocodile’s name is Lyle. 

The boy is telling his mom that the crocodile is not dangerous, he is different from others and he wears a scarf. You see exciting clips of a crocodile riding in the sidecar of a motorcycle, the mom painting a picture of the croc on the couch, and dancing. The family and Lyle ride in a taxi and Lyle is hanging out of the car window wearing Florida Gator attire so people think it is a costume. It is comical. 

He waves outside of the window. The creator of The Greatest Showman composed the music for this movie and it is incredible. Shawn Mendes plays Lyle and has an amazing voice.

This movie is happy and whimsical. It makes you want to dance. It looks family-friendly and like a precious movie. Enjoy the sweet trailer and consider checking it out this fall.

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