Impressionist Sings 'All Star' Using Our Favorite Animated Voices

Impressionist Sings 'All Star' Using Our Favorite Animated Voices

Brian Hull is passionate about one thing in life, making other people laugh. 

This talented impressionist sings a hilarious rendition of Smash Mouth’s song ‘All Star’ using our favorite animated voices. You don’t want to miss it. Brian is a talented voice actor and you might have actually heard his voice a time or two. 

He starred as the voice of Dracula in the animated film Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, released in 2022. He also starred as Teen Sideburns in Disney’s Tangled the Series and  Murray in Pupstar from Air Bud Entertainment.

So what does Brian do in his spare time? He works on perfecting his voice to bring laughter to his fellow fans. He writes, “I’m most passionate when I can make a whole group of people erupt with laughter. That's my goal for every recording session, stage show, and video, pretty much every day!” 

He added, “I mean, what’s the point of living if you can’t make someone smile?! As you can tell, cartoons and animated films bring me immense joy.”

If you’re needing a little joy today, then watch his hilarious video. Brian manages to sing ‘All Star’ using at least 15 different voices of our beloved animated characters such as Moto Moto from Madagascar, Lord Farquaad from Shrek, Puss from Puss in Boots, and several other characters. He even adds a little impromptu between Po and his father Ping. 

In Ping’s voice, he says, “Po, don’t be so dramatic. You’re up next.” Brian then responds with Po’s exuberant voice, “Oh am I up next to bring some awesomeness to this already epic song.” He nailed Jack Black’s voice and every other character in this hilarious mash-up. 

Can you believe he has over 2 million subscribers? His Youtube channel has reached over 350 million views too! After watching his rendition of ‘All Star’ I can believe it. Thank God for Brian’s ability to make people laugh with his talent. 

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