Young Elvis Lookalike Sings ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ Cover

Young Elvis Lookalike Sings ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ Cover

One musically gifted young man turned in an astonishing cover of a beloved classic hit by the legendary entertainer Elvis Presley.

Being able to sustain a career spanning decades in the music industry is a difficult task. The general public's musical tastes change quickly. What is popular today will not be tomorrow. Most musicians are unable to adapt and adjust fast enough to keep up. But regardless of how much music may transform or mutate, there are a handful of musicians that are timeless. 

Elvis Presley belongs to that elite category of legendary musicians. Like The Beatles, Michael Jackson and The Rolling Stones, Elvis’ music will always be listened to and played. In a clip posted on YouTube, one young performer, Elliot James Reay, tried his hand at playing and singing one of Elvis’ biggest and most memorable tracks, “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

Elliot, performing an Elvis Presley track, took on a monumental task. Elvis forever changed music when he combined elements of country, blues and gospel. But despite his massive undertaking, Elliot more than succeeds. 

Elliot’s rendition of the Elvis song is shockingly good. His cover is worthy of a few plays. While his voice may not be as strong or as deep as Elvis’, he still manages to pull off an outstanding cover. It’s one that even the most diehard Elvis Presley fan would likely appreciate. 

While he does not change anything in the song or put his own spin on it, Elliot does something even more impressive. He does a tune from the “King of Rock and Roll” justice. 

Not only does Elliot have a similar sound to Elvis Aaron Presley, but he also has the same look in the short clip. In the video, Elliot wears a white t-shirt and has his hair done up in a fashion that Elvis made iconic. 

Elvis, even decades after his death, remains as popular as ever. His music is beloved by fans all over the world. Elliot, though, handily succeeds in giving a fantastic cover of one of Elvis’ biggest hits. 

Psalm 95:1 “O come, let us sing to the Lord: let us make a joyful noise to the Rock of our salvation.”

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