I Believe

I was watching TV one night, and was about to go to bed, when a commercial came on for a new reality show. I turned the TV off and thought to myself, "We live in a world of broken promises". It was 10:30 p.m. I was up until 12:30 a.m. writing the first verse and chorus. Then I was stuck! It wasn't until the Arizona tragedy took place in Tucson, that I was able to finish the song. When our President spoke to the nation and the people of Tucson, he talked about the little 9 year old girl, Cristina Green, and I was so saddened by it, I turned the TV off, went downstairs to my music room, and wrote the rest of the song. When I posted it, it wasn’t 15 hours later I received an e-mail saying that friends of friends of friends had sent it to the family of little the little girl. When I heard that, I got tears in my eyes. I don’t know what they thought of it, but I pray it gave them hope. Remember, we can change.... just believe!

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