The Super Large Apple Ipad

Apple Music, New Streaming Service, Announced At WWDC 2015, now imagine this on the super large ipad!
While everyone is waiting on the Galaxy S6 Edge the Super Large iPad is stealing the show. This iPad is life-size, fast and it destroys the competition. "Apple versus Samsung" will no longer exist because this new product will blow the competition out of the water! Imagine being able to ride your iPad like a motorcycle or go on a live full-size, real-time date! Well with the new Super Large iPad Plus X you’ll be able to do just that.

This Apple press release event will be hosted by the son of Steve Jobs, not Tim Cook. In this YouTube video we are unboxing and reviewing this massive product and, yes, you will be amazed at the all new features. This is like the mini, pro, mac laptop all crammed into one impeccable product. The release date is here. Get yours today!

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