Young Man Hilariously Details The Long Day Ahead Of Him

When this young man hilariously details the long day ahead of him, it is absolutely adorable! Either this boy has a very old soul, or he has parents who are teaching him a sound work ethic. It may very well be both!

Check out this exchange between Jude and Mom Amber Tinker. Jude’s already attended summer school, but he’s got tasks to do around the homeplace. He lives in Missouri, which is nicknamed “The Show-Me State.” 

Mom asks if he’s got a lot of work to do. With his hands on his hips, Jude says he does and proceeds to list the chores that weigh him down. He’s got to water the grass, pick “stuff” up, pick up sticks. He’s got to pick up “all kinds of stuff.”

When asked about the eggs and the chickens, Jude says he’s got work to do with those as well. He’s going to feed the chickens and check the eggs. While he’s at it, he’ll check the mail, too. He gives a heavy sigh, and his lips quiver as he exhales a big, exhausted breath. Fortunately, Mom has already checked the mail. That’s one thing off his plate!

Of course, he asked if anything had come in the mail. Amber is deadly serious as she tells Jude that they did get a few items. Bills were among the stack. At that, Jude sighs again. The country boy’s got to get at it. Doggonit, those bills don’t pay themselves, and the grass doesn’t water itself.  

Jude says he’ll be in about 1:00. It’s 5:40 p.m. That will make for a long evening and a short sleep! Anyway, he’s got to hurry—the grass and the sticks await. His laid-back momma says okay and tells him she loves him. He returns the sentiment, says bye, and takes off. He’s a man on a mission! 

On her Instagram account, Amber calls Jude her “wild child,” and this isn’t the first time Jude’s super funny personality has been captured on video. Back in September 2023, a long-haired, younger Jude explained to Dad Justin that he was just plain cranky and tired. It is a hoot! 

When Good Morning America spoke with Amber about her comical kid, she said, “He's just so unpredictable. You just never know what's going to come out of his mouth. He's hilarious without meaning to be. Sometimes, he likes to play jokes, but ... the funniest is whenever he is so serious because he just sounds like a little grown-up at times.”

He sure does!

Keep at it, Jude! With your dedication and easy wit, you will go far!  

“Those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies have no sense.” Proverbs 12:11

Source: judemywildchild

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