Mama, Take Heart

Mama, Take Heart

Robrenna Redl

How to Help and Support Your ADHD Child

February 17, 2021   ●   18 min

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Today, we’re continuing our ADHD conversation with Jennifer Kampfe. We’re discussing specific strategies you can use to help your child manage their ADHD.

Jennifer’s Tips:

1. Learn as much as you can about ADHD.

2. Be discerning.

3. Adjust your expectations for your child and stop comparing them with their siblings or peers. Most ADHD children are 3-5 years behind their peers in executive functions and emotional maturity.

4. Routines are key for ADHD children. Jennifer has some great tips for how to create routines that help ADHD children thrive.

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:
ADDitude Magazine -

Recommended Doctors who specialize in ADHD:
Dr. Russell Barkley -
Dr. Ned Hallowell -
Dr. Thomas Brown -

About Jennifer:
Jennifer Kampfe is a wife, a mom of five children, and an ADHD coach from Lincoln, Nebraska. She has a master's degree in music therapy from Radford University in Virginia. After having two sons diagnosed with ADHD, and wanting to help them more, she began her training at the ADD Coach Academy. Connect with Jennifer online at Fantastically Focused

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