Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear

Jennifer Slattery, Jodie Bailey and Shellie Arnold

What to Do When Others Don’t Understand Our Anxiety - Ep. 53

May 11, 2021   ●   30 min

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We all want to feel understood. Known and accepted. The problem is, no one will truly understand what it’s like to live with anxiety if they themselves haven’t struggled. So what do we do when we’re craving the support of those who “get us” but don’t feel we’re able to receive what we need? In this episode, Jennifer Slattery takes listeners to the root of this need and shares ways we can identify and grow a healthy support system.

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Group Discussion Questions:
1. Who do you most turn to when you need support?
2. How does that person(s) best support you?
3. Consider the health of that relationship. In what ways do you support the other person?
4. What conversations might you need to have in order to deepen the mutual ties of support?
5. Consider your current circle of close friends. Are those friends able to provide the support you need?
6. Consider your desire to be understood. How might a failure to live in your identity in Christ affect your desire?
7. Consider your desire to be understood. In what ways does a failure to recognize your true value affect your desire?
8. How can you anchor deeper in grace?
9. How might living anchored deeper in grace help you feel less alone?

Episode Image Credit: Getty/Aleksei Morozov
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