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Ask A Pastor

Rayshawn Graves

Why Should I Pray in Difficult Times?

June 14, 2021   ●   8 min

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You may notice that whenever something bad happens, one of the most popular things to say is, “I am praying for you.”

These words and expressions can be meaningful at times. Still, recently this phrase has been interpreted to be the opposite and has become the cliche thing to say when we have nothing else to.

So what is prayer? Is it distinct from action? Does it do anything? And why should we pray in difficult times?

When followers of Jesus pray, as Jesus commands us to, our praying comes from a different place than good intentions or well-wishing for someone. Our prayers are not put out there for good measure; they are directed to someone greater than ourselves.

Prayer is the reality that God is doing so much more around us and in us than we could ever know.

In this episode, Rayshawn covers:

1. What prayer is, as we know it from God’s Word.
2. How to depend on God through prayer.

Verses Referenced:
Matthew 6

Rayshawn Graves is a pastor and writer from Richmond, Virginia.

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