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Ask A Pastor

Rayshawn Graves

How Do We Keep Peace with People in Such Divided Times?

June 13, 2021   ●   11 min

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It doesn’t take much for us to look around at both this year and last, and see that we’re living in some pretty divided times.

Maybe it’s not so much that people have become divided. Maybe it’s that people have been divided, and now we’re just seeing these divisions rise to the surface and fill our relationships with tension that we never knew was there.

So how do we keep the peace? And what is the “peace” we are trying to keep?

Jesus is not just an example that we’re trying to emulate. Jesus is the reason that we have peace with God. It is because of his posture of peace that you and I can strive to live peacefully with one another.

In this episode, Rayshawn covers:
1. What is peace as we know it from God’s Word?
2. How do we engage with and see other people who disagree with us?

Verses Referenced:
Hebrews 12:14; Romans 12:18; Proverbs 14:7; Matthew 5:9

Rayshawn Graves is a pastor and writer from Richmond, Virginia.

Episode Image Credit: Getty/Nadia_Bormotova

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