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Ask A Pastor

Rayshawn Graves

How Important Is Diversity in a Church?

June 25, 2021   ●   10 min

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This question is not necessarily tricky, but there is no catch-all answer. Diversity is a big word that can include many realities.

Diversity comes up a lot in our context in the United States because of various ages, stages of life, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, religious beliefs, and cultures.

So how important is diversity in the church?

Even though diversity is seen through our world and creation, it can be challenging to achieve when bringing people together who are different. If we could walk into every church in this country and see all kinds of people with different backgrounds and cultures worshipping Jesus together, that would be an amazing reality.

In this episode, Rayshawn covers:

1. Historical divisions of the church in the United States.
2. How the church should approach diversity.

Verses Referenced:
Revelation 7:9-10; Psalm 104

Rayshawn Graves is a pastor and writer from Richmond, Virginia.

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