"The Lord is King"

The systems of our world are appearing more and more vulnerable. Mortgage and bank crises have undercut consumer confidence. Terrorist attacks around the world have sparked new fears. Corrupt politicians and religious leaders have continued to breed cynicism. And the struggling economy around the globe has caused many to become fearful and stressed. These feelings of vulnerability and doubt have some Jesus- followers wondering if God is still the King of all.

Many years ago, when the effectiveness of God's reign was doubtful in the minds of His people, the psalmist penned a royal psalm to reassure them that they could feel secure because the Lord was still king. He began the psalm with, "The Lord (Yahweh) is king!" (Psalm 93:1). He used God's personal and covenant name to indicate who was reigning. It was a name that communicated to God's people that He would reign forever and would always keep His people safe. The psalmist was also declaring that there was no other god who qualified to be king besides the Lord.

The Hebrew text actually reads, "The Lord is becoming king." Wait! Was he saying that there was a time when He was not king? Absolutely not! With this pronouncement, the psalmist was stating that the effectiveness and the assertion of the Lord's rule had once again become real to His people. After their view of Him had been temporarily clouded by turmoil, chaos, and uncertainty, they were renewing and accepting His reign and enthroning Him in their hearts (v.2).

Although we think it doesn't seem like it at times, the Lord does reign over creation and chaos in the world (vv.3-5). Even more, He desires to dwell in and reign over the hearts of His people. Let's enthrone Him anew today and yield to His kingly rule over all aspects of our lives. , Marvin Williams, Our Daily Journey

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