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  • Preach God'sWord (In Whose Authority part 2)
    Preach God'sWord (In Whose Authority part 2)Jesus told the disciples what to say and God tells the preachers what to say. There is no time for preaching and teaching from the heart messages or soap box derbies. Deliver the word and leave the rest up to God.rev.hill2016-04-25T00:42:1811 views00:07:26
  • The Authority of Christ
    The Authority of ChristAre you tired of hearing what the pastor thinks or learning more about the preacher's life than God and the bible? This is one of a three part teaching on the authority one should use when preaching to or teaching God's people. Even Jesus Christ d...rev.hill2016-04-19T00:12:1312 views00:08:49
  • Disciple vs. Armor bearer
    Disciple vs. Armor bearerThis is the culmination of a study comparing biblical discipleship to being an armor bearer. As stated in the first video, armor bearers served kings and there are no kings in God's church. The second video brought out the New Testament support fo...rev.hill2016-04-11T08:32:2160 views00:10:40
  • Confronting Sin
    Confronting SinA little leaven will leaven the whole lump. Why are church leaders reluctant or even SCARED to confront and deal with sin? Does looking the other way and letting God handle it alone suffice? What about the response of many to simply pray about it?...rev.hill2015-07-20T17:14:59149 views00:14:31
  • The armor bearer and the New Testament
    The armor bearer and the New TestamentThis is the follow up to the first video laying out the case against the armor bearer in the church. Why is the church using an office that Christ did not use nor did any of the apostles?
    Jesus not only served his disciples, but he sent them ...
    rev.hill2015-01-09T23:09:05364 views00:07:48
  • The Bible and the Armor Bearer
    The Bible and the Armor BearerIs there a clear biblical position justifying the use of armor bearers in teh church? In my research and study, there is no support for that position. This video offers Old Testament evidence that lends no support for the office as it is used toda...rev.hill2014-12-06T17:29:04378 views00:11:25
  • Sinners are not Welcome! New Testament
    Sinners are not Welcome! New TestamentAnanias and Sapphira were believers who sinned by lying to God and were killed for it ( Acts 5:1-10). The man in I Corinthians 5:1-13 was to be put out of the church for his sin. If this is the result of the sin of believers, then why would the ch...rev.hill2014-05-21T23:20:52434 views00:13:00
  • Sinners are NOT WELCOME
    Sinners are NOT WELCOMEThe notion that the church should be open to welcoming the sinner into its midst without requiring repentance is not correct. God's position on this is laid out in scripture.
    Lev. 10: 1-10 states how God regards those who come before him offe...
    rev.hill2014-05-04T16:27:42376 views00:13:43
  • Calamity is Coming Part II
    Calamity is Coming Part IIFirst an earthquake, then a bomb, finally the military. When this happens? I do not know. Jeremiah 1:1-3 gives a timeline. Jer. 1:11-12 says God is ready to perform his word. His word was pronounced in 2 Kings 21 during the reign of Manasseh. This...rev.hill2014-01-19T21:24:06468 views00:17:05
  • Calamity is Coming (Part 1)
    Calamity is Coming (Part 1)The following passages give background to what God has shown me concerning what will happen soon.
    I begin with Habakkuk 1:1,5 (verse 5 is also quoted by Paul in Acts 13:41, but you will also qwant to read verse 40) and 2:2-3. These are given ...
    rev.hill2013-12-23T17:54:07467 views00:13:34
  • An Eternal Life Sentence
    An Eternal Life SentenceHow do you respond to the chastening of the Lord? Many in the Body of Christ run the risk of being sentences to an eternal life sentence. This is far worse than an earthly life sentence because on Earth there is still time to repent.
    Hebrews ...
    rev.hill2013-03-12T21:44:04354 views00:09:59
  • The Messed Up Churches of America
    The Messed Up Churches of AmericaThis is the follow up to the Things Pastors Say.
    -I stopped listening to rap/hip hop music. God spoke a confirming word to me one day saying "Look what you gave up." That was a good thing.
    -God led me to fast once concerning situations a...
    rev.hill2013-02-24T22:19:18744 views00:07:40
  • Things Pastors Say
    Things Pastors SayI have heard many things from many pastors. From eyebrow raising to jaw dropping, they sometimes speak exactly what they think. I've heard things from eating at the Sizzler is beneath me to ministry is being cancelled for the youth because they do...rev.hill2013-02-24T22:04:19512 views00:06:46
  • Adultery is NOT grounds for divorce in the church
    Adultery is NOT grounds for divorce in the churchI believed that adultery was the only acceptable reason for divorce in the Christian community until I studied the scripture. There is only one reason for divorce and even with that, no Chrtistian can or should get divorced given the present clima...rev.hill2013-01-23T14:29:08406 views00:07:15
  • The Strangest Thing that Ever Happened to Me
    The Strangest Thing that Ever Happened to MeI was deceived, held hostage, interrogated, my every move monitored, forced to undergo indoctrination, ambushed, and harassed!
    I am sharing my story with you in hopes that you will be more alert so you can distinguish between what is authenti...
    rev.hill2013-01-17T17:24:08408 views00:08:28
  • Once Saved Stay Saved
    Once Saved Stay SavedI grew up believing Once Saved Always Saved was to be true because the preacher said it until I began to study. rev.hill2012-12-21T15:24:08389 views00:08:33