Someone Wanted This Dog Dead...But God Had a Different Plan!



  • 2013-01-12T20:22:32

My heart breaks. I do not know how someone could be cruel to Buck or any animal. God Bless all the wonderful people that have saved Bucks life. Praying for a healthy speedy recovery for Precious Buck.

  • 2013-01-12T15:13:26

To my LeBlanc family....We learned very young to love dogs! You will enjoy this touching videos. Janee' thought of you and Austin. Check out Buck's web page. ~ Sherry Adams Mire.

  • 2013-01-12T14:05:58

Its frightening to know that a there is a human out there , walking free, capable of such evil! Thank you to the angel who saved him! Please keep us updated on Facebook.

  • 2013-01-11T23:44:33

Is there an update on Buck? How did his eye surgery go?

  • 2013-01-11T20:11:05

There needs to be stronger laws against child and animal abuse. The courts just slap their hands and fine them and they are free to hurt some animal. At least child abuse is getting prison time. So should animal abuse. I know my dog is my baby. He is a member of this family.I don't think anyone could love me as much as my chihuahua. He is small with a big heart like all dogs. God bless the ones that rescue these poor animals. Thank you.

  • 2013-01-11T18:18:51

Just give me the name of that bugger who shot Buck... he has to be taught a lesson.. Seriously

  • 2013-01-11T12:31:36

Please post the link to donate!

  • 2013-01-11T05:53:48

just brought me so to tears...

  • 2013-01-11T04:45:43

this made me extremely mad & sad to watch this....I'm glad that he was rescued & taken care of! please keep us posted on his progress.

  • 2013-01-11T04:09:20

can someone post a link to bucks facebook page.

  • 2013-01-11T03:34:37

Heartbreaking..thank You dear Lord for the hero who saved buck..she's got a heart of an angel..my eyes got tears..cant help it.

  • 2013-01-11T03:26:25

Donating for this sweet boy! God bless!

  • 2013-01-11T02:46:46

Thank you god, this made me so mad , this poor dog.This is a angle to rescue this poor thing.

  • 2013-01-11T00:42:13

As much as my first reaction was a human one, to hate the person or persons who did this...I realized what an unChristian thing that was to do. We need to pray that whoever was responsible needs prayer be saved in the name of Jesus. That they stop perpetuating this kind of evil against people or animals alike. Also, of course that this poor dog be completely healed as if this had never happened. My heart hurts imagining what kind of pain he must be in.

  • 2013-01-11T00:39:38

Buck is so beautiful..God bless this little guy..And God bless all of the people out there in the world who have the heart and the dedication that it takes to help these wonderful animals! <3

  • 2013-01-11T00:20:48


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