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Actions Speak
What do your actions reveal about your character?

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Jesus Has Already Won Us the Victory!



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  • salvation: A Man Fell in a Hole
    salvation: A Man Fell in a Holeonly Jesus can save us. He's the only way..we dont need religion but personal relationship with Godtian0772008-03-17T00:00:0024,067 views00:03:01
  • wake up call
    wake up callwake up call for us christianstian0772008-03-17T00:00:007,572 views00:02:50
  • The Temptation
    The TemptationAn interpretation of the classic Bible story about the temptation of Jesus in the desert ... with axes, overns and tanks.mintoxmedia2008-03-17T00:00:005,576 views00:05:54
  • '99 Balloons' - Dad Writes Powerful Love Letter To His Lost Baby
    '99 Balloons' - Dad Writes Powerful Love Letter To His Lo...Things happen that we cannot explain with our earthly minds, but God works in the most amazing ways. The story of Elliot, a miracle baby that lived for 99 days, shows this. You don't want to miss this moving video.

    Eliot's condition could not s...
    ignitermedia2008-03-17T00:00:00440,300 views00:06:23
  • Lifehouse Everything Drama
    Lifehouse Everything DramaThis is the drama we did to the Lifehouse Everything song at Oakwood Church in Hartland Wisconsin.emmiedave2008-03-17T00:00:005,455 views00:06:07
  • Anything But Silent
    Anything But SilentThis powerful drama recounts one person's intellectual wrestling with God. What do we do when God seems distant? How do we have faith when we can't prove our beliefs with reason? How do we trust God when we can't see him? This video eschews easy a...4120media2008-03-17T00:00:0025,669 views00:03:19
    ABORTION IS MURDERabortion is murder... plain and simplejennor812010-10-01T22:19:185,678 views00:05:21
  • Louie Giglio - Laminin
    Louie Giglio - LamininThis blew me away! A snippet from a great message entitled How great is our God! by Louie Giglio, this section talks about Laminin, an amazing molecule in the human body. A must see!

    Full DVD available at

    thefacelesswarrior2010-10-01T22:19:331,079,539 views00:08:43
  • Steven Curtis Chapman - Cinderella
    Steven Curtis Chapman - CinderellaSteven's video to "Cinderella". With 16 and 13 year old daughters, I can definitely relate to the meaning of this song.rlmelco2010-10-01T22:35:1356,014 views00:04:19
  • Jadon Livik - What If
    Jadon Livik - What IfJadon Lavik performs What If live in the Spirit 105.3 FM studios.rlmelco2010-10-01T22:41:494,288 views00:04:42
  • Cardboard Testimony
    Cardboard TestimonyReal people, real life, real love and forgiveness and healing.hillsidewired2008-04-06T00:00:00323,745 views00:07:58
  • Green Lake Conference Center, Green Lake WI
    Green Lake Conference Center, Green Lake WIThese are some pictures of my family's past vacations to Green Lake Conference Center. If you are looking for a place to go on a camping trip, I would suggest here. It is a great place to stay. Here's the website: benjaminmichael2008-08-14T00:00:002,814 views00:03:43
  • Deaf Girl Learns To Play Violin!
    Deaf Girl Learns To Play Violin!So Amazing! So Inspirational!hulahan2010-10-01T23:29:05172,788 views00:04:03
  • The Stool
    The Stool
    View "The Challenge"

    Download - The Stool

    Are you committed?
    onetimeblind2010-10-01T23:52:18109,194 views00:02:05