Music City Chorus Barbershoppers Stun The Galaxy With Star Wars Medley

Music City Chorus Barbershoppers Stun The Galaxy With Star Wars Medley

In a galaxy not so far away, a group of Barbershop Musicians called the Music City Chorus stunned an audience with their hilarious rendition of the ‘Star Wars Medley’.

Not set on the planet Tatooine, but in fact set in Orange County in Orlando, Florida, USA, Planet Earth. The Music City Chorus performed their intricately themed presentation live at the County Convention Center. Their overall theme to the performance was titled “Bring Back those Star Wars Days”.

In full spectacle as part of the 2018 Barbershop Harmony Society International Convention this group of creative guys really did an amazing job! The stage was filled with all sorts of recognizable characters from the Star Wars movies.They pulled out all the stops with guest appearances from Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Hans Solo and even a “bathing Wookie” Chewbacca.

Most of the intricate costumed characters had a story through song a la Barbershop style. There was a man smartly dressed as Princess Leia. That portion of song was focused on finding out the mystery of how her hair stayed up high. Playing with the lyrics to popular musical standards, the Music City chorus weaved in comical story lines about Star Wars for their arrangement. There was even a Storm Trooper Quartet!

When it appeared their performance was complete, the audience began cheering loudly. But then the unexpected happened. Darth Vader himself came marching down through the audience, amidst booing of course, to reveal to Luke in a comical way that indeed, he was his “Daddy.”

This encounter makes some comical use of “the Force” while the Barbershoppers sing a melodic tune. Luke takes most of the punishment on stage in a hilarious show of comedic skill. The silly antics on stage mixed with expert singing in tight harmonies makes this a joy to watch even if one is not a fan of the Sci-Fi hit!

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