Magic Act Mystifies and Wows Judges on AGT

Check out this jaw-dropping performance. A magic act mystifies and wows judges on AGT.

Solange Kardinaly begins an impressive fashion show for AGT. She starts in a blue outfit that turns into a red dress, soon to hold up a golden fabric that quickly becomes a golden dress. The judges' eyes lift, and they laugh in amazement. Solange takes it to the next level by grabbing a coat hanger with a black dress inside the plastic cover. Suddenly, to the cue of the music, we see the dress appear on her body instead. The crowd goes wild.

Solange walks over to a new moment in her performance where she begins to multiply her money. As she places it in the bag, it begins to rain down from the ceiling. She continues to multiply her money the song “Material Girls” is comically playing in the background. She pulls out a hot pink fabric with black buttons and gets excited about this one. She takes out another hot pink piece with a black bow. She blows on the two pieces, and they become another dress. The judges are so shocked with their mouths open. As she puts the dress in her bag, she covers herself with the bag that opens up empty, revealing that she is now wearing the pink dress. Everyone is absolutely wowed by her performance. 

You notice a beautiful purple dress hanging in a golden frame above her head. She finishes by standing under the framed dress that falls as confetti and she finishes by wearing a sparkly white dress. She smiles and winks at the crowd. All of the judges stand in applause. All of the judges compliment her and tell her that she is the best quick change artist that they have ever seen. All four judges vote yes.

May we be reminded that even though this is an act, we are invited by God to be wowed by His real power. He is worthy of our awe. Amazement is a gift of a feeling. 

“Let all the earth fear the Lord; let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him!” Psalm 33:8


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