Principal Goes Viral After Coronavirus Rap 'Can't Touch This'

Principal Goes Viral After Coronavirus Rap 'Can't Touch This'

In a hilarious viral video, one school principal performs a coronavirus rap to the tune of ‘Can’t Touch This’ by MC Hammer.

“Fresh new rules and plans. Let’s all be safe, go wash your hands. So move back up 6 feet.
You better not cough and you better not sneeze. Sanitation! Hold on, let me check your temp
Not under your arm. Like that! Like that, you’re all clear, go to the back.
Everybody says that this is too much, and these are the things you can’t touch”

The principal is Dr. Quentin J. Lee and he runs a school in Alabama. In the video, he can be seen dancing in the hallways alongside some students with masks on, spraying sanitizer on different surfaces around the school, and taking students temperatures. What a creative and funny video that is sure to make you smile!

“Oh my goodness, this is hilarious and great! Dr. Lee is the kind of educator every child should get to experience in school,” comments one person on YouTube. “This is a great example of making the best of a tough situation and following the rules with a dash of good humor. I had a couple of teachers that were smart and funny like this, and I still think about them all the time. I wouldn't have gotten through school without them. Dr. Lee, I hope you know how wonderful you are.”

“This is what we need right now, a little bit of humor,” writes another person about the video. “Everything seems so grim, we need to laugh a little more as we're washing our hands!”

With all the unknowns about how this next school year is going to be like for students and teachers, it’s nice to see this principle making the most of it and trying to bring humor and smiles to the situation. God bless educators and all that they do for our children!