Big Sister Adorably Helps Little Sister Learn To Ride A Bike

There is something special about sisterly love. In this precious video, a big sister adorably helps her little sister learn to ride a bike.

Learning to ride a bike is a huge step in growing up. Everyone has their story of how they learned. In this precious clip, we see that a big sister is coaching her younger sibling to victory. The video starts with the big sister curled up on the ground as a stepping stool for the younger. She keeps saying, “A big sister never gives up!” 

Once the younger girl is seated on the bike, the older sister stands up and comes behind her to push. She tells her sister to pedal and she assists from behind. The little one is still a little new to how this works. Then, the younger one stands on the pedals as the big sister runs and pushes her forward. 

This is a visual of not giving up on your sister. In the Christian faith, we are brothers and sisters in Christ. There is a tight bond through Jesus that we are always committed to one another. These little girls might be small, but there is such significance in the way that this big sister motivates and helps the younger. 

Are we the kind of friends and believers who are supporting others in the church? Are we, like the big sister, encouraging others in their faith, helping them when they struggle, and propelling them forward in their walks with God? May these precious little ones remind us today to be faithful brothers and sisters in Christ.

"Whoever loves his brother abides in the light, and in him, there is no cause for stumbling.” 1 John 2:10


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