Girl Dances To 'Old Church Choir’

Girl Dances To 'Old Church Choir’

Young Loren Patterson sure does love to worship the Lord. Just watch as she stands in front of the church with the rest of the children's choir and praises His name.

I love when the soulful music fills the room and the choir sings their rendition of Zach Williams’s hit song “Old Church Choir." Loren joyfully joins in and even starts to dance along.

It's obvious there is so much love for God in this room and it fills my heart to see the younger generation worship. Her joy is certainly contagious! You can’t help but to want to sing and dance along with her.

Loren singing in choir this morning. In case you can’t find her she’s the one in pink and brown Zach Williams

Posted by Jennifer Patterson on Sunday, October 29, 2017