Sweet Dog Checks On Baby Every Night Before Going To Sleep

Sweet Dog Checks On Baby Every Night Before Going To Sleep

This is a precious video you do not want to miss. A sweet dog checks on the baby every night before going to sleep.

In this monitor video, we see a sweet little baby in a bassinet asleep. Suddenly, a beautiful dog comes into the room to check on the little one. We see clip after clip of the family pet coming in and sniffing the baby, walking around the bassinet, and even lying down sometimes next to the baby before heading to bed. 

This dog has a motherly instinct and has a clear care for this child.

As the song, “Accidentally In Love” plays in the background, we laugh as we see this dog bonding with the infant. Each night is a little different, the baby has new pajamas on, the dog approaches uniquely based on how the child is sleeping, and the dog stays at various lengths of time. 

However, one thing remains the same, every night without fail, that family pet will be in that nursery investigating if the baby is ok and sleeping. It is truly adorable that this family caught these moments on camera that would otherwise be unknown.

In a similar way, this causes me to remember that God is called our Good Shepherd. He is always caring for us, looking after us, and watching over us. This dog had a faithful commitment to show up every night to look after this baby, and the Lord more so is always with us and watching out for our needs. He is there and gives us rest.

“The Lord is my shepherd; I have what I need. He lets me lie down in green pastures;
he leads me beside quiet waters.” Psalm 23:1-2

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