‘Another Glimpse’ Passion and Sean Curran Live Performance

‘Another Glimpse’ Passion and Sean Curran Live Performance

One song beautifully articulates a message about the immense power, love and holiness of God.

God, due to His unceasing love, mercy and grace, is worthy of all praise and worship. The New Testament book of John reads that God sent his one and only son into the world to take our place on the cross, to give humanity a chance, simply because of His love for us, even as sinners. 

The song “Another Glimpse” by Passion and Sean Curran is all about the holiness and goodness of God. As the song indicates, God is so incredibly holy, powerful and loving that we can’t even begin to comprehend it. The human mind is not even capable of understanding God’s holiness. 

The first couple of verses wonderfully describes God sitting in his rightful place of glory and honor in heaven. But the song’s chorus perfectly expresses the sheer enormity of God’s holiness.

“With every lap around the throne, I catch another glimpse
You’re holy, holy, so holy
The longer I behold You I can’t help but say again
You’re holy, holy, so holy”

What a wonderful, awesome and inspiring idea! The more we learn about God, the more time we spend with Him will only result in understanding that He is even more holy than we could have imagined.

The rest of the song praises the Lord, referring to him again and again as holy. God is worthy of all honor and glory, the lyrics point out. 

In addition to the lyrics of the truth-filled song, the video is also beautiful. An entire stadium full of people sings in unison as the musicians perform. It’s a wonderful sight to see and hear!

Check out the awesome song and video!

1 Chronicles 16:29  “Give to the Lord the glory due his name: bring an offering, and come before him: worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.”

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