I wrote "THE WIDOW PRAYS" IN 2007 at a meeting of widows. God gave me a waking vision at the meeting where I saw an army of widows, each in their own home, praying the Will of God. Praying the Heart of God. Praying as an army, but each as individuals, and mountians moved. Pastors repented. Congregations followed. Revival broke out. The end time harvest of souls came to pass. I burst into tears, and the woman across from me asked if I was grieving my husband. I said
"No, I am having a vision." I have never experienced anything like this before or since. I believe God wanted witnesses to what happened. I got this song the same day and shared it at the Widow's Center where I was living at the time. They were going to use the song, and never did. I believe it is because now is the time. And this song does not belong to one denomination or any particular group or organization. This song is to encourage believing women to pray- widows come in all kinds of circumstances. Scripture mentions in the new testament what widows the church should support. But God is there for every woman who is alone. She might be divorced, single mom, a young military widow, an older widow, or even a woman whose husband is not being a husband to her, and she is just as alone, or more alone, than a woman who is able to re-marry. God sees. God has compassion on all. Isaiah 54:5 says God is a husband to the widow. Widow means desolate one. Someone who is alone or abandoned.

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