'Now I See' Paul and Hannah McClure Live Performance

'Now I See' Paul and Hannah McClure Live Performance

Paul and Hannah McClure share a live performance of their newest single, ‘Now I See.’

Paul and Hannah have been staples with Bethel Music for years. Now, they are embarking on a solo career with the release of their first album, ‘The Way Home.’ And the very first single speaks to our hearts about the glory of our God.

“Born to the darkness I was
Rejected and cut off from hope
I couldn’t see His love for me
They said He’s not who He seems
Don’t get your hopes up for healing
But lies fell away when I saw His face”

‘Now I See’ was inspired by the story of the blind beggar found in John 9. We are reminded that God loves us no matter what and will bring us from the darkness into the light.

“My heart burst to life, I saw delight in His eyes when He looked at me
My whole world’s on fire, alive in the presence that burns inside of me
Now I know whose I am, forever I’ll stand on Your truth I believe
‘Cause I was blind but now I see”

The entire album is extremely personal for the couple. Paul said, “We want people when they’re around us to feel like they can be themselves and be at home. I’m realizing that songwriting and life are the same thing as far as they are a process and a journey. The songs are a snapshot of who we are, where we’ve been and where we come from.”

We are looking forward to hearing more from this Godly couple.