'Oil Water' Travis Greene Featuring Anthony Hamilton

Listen to this wonderful song called ‘Oil & Water’ by Travis Greene featuring Anthony Hamilton.

“I was empty In need of grace, I was searching In every wrong place, desperate for love
Crying for help, out of nowhere, You came running, now I’m running out to tell
Like oil from the jar, water from the well, out of Your heart, it won’t stop
It’s a never-ending love, joy, grace, flowing, unending love, joy, grace, flowing”

In the music video, the setting is in a jazz club and everyone there is dressed up in vintage clothing. And the song is just so uplifting and full of warmth and love! It is definitely a joy-filled song that you just want to sing over and over again!

Travis Greene and Anthony Hamilton have such amazing voices that complement each other so much. And the lyrics that they sing in this song share the gospel in such a beautiful way.

“You left heaven to walk beside men, faced temptation, still You knew no sin
Tried and crucified, You took the nails and died, out the tomb
You came running, now I’m running out to tell”

Towards the end of the music video for ‘Oil & Water,’ it is just the voices in the room and the drums playing. What a powerful sound!

“This song captivates the true spirit of praise and worshiping,” comments one person on YouTube after watching the music video.

“Anointing is written all over this song,” writes another person online. “You keep pouring out like oil & water indeed.”

Another person comments, “Love every second of the song. Wished they never stopped singing.”

We hope that you enjoyed listening to this song ‘Oil & Water’ by Travis Greene featuring Anthony Hamilton and it was able to bring you some joy and encouragement today!

Source: Travis Greene

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