Travis Greene


Musician and Pastor Travis Greene Sings 'Love Will Always Win' - Christian Music Videos

Travis Greene is encouraging the world with his newest song “Love Will Always Win” featured on his newest album “Crossover”. As a pastor in South Carolina as well as a music artist, Greene uses his music as a message of hope to inspire others in their daily faith walk. “There's a truth that just might save us Love is a language, stronger than hate Love is forgiveness, it doesn't run away Love needs no weapon It is its own defense In the end Love will always win, yeah, yeah yeah yeah” Indeed, we know that with God’s love in our heart for others there is no room for hatred. As our world becomes consumed with comparisons and division is continually encouraged between different people groups we need to remember that God desires for us to love our neighbor. We are called to break barriers with the love of God and to be examples for others in the way we live our lives. “And if tongues of angels, with that love We got nothing, oh And if faith move mountains, with that love We got nothing, oh yeah yeah yeah” This song is such a great reminder of where our focus should be and the opportunity to interact with others in love as the hands and feet of our faith. The power of God’s love is strong enough to move mountains in our lives and the lives of others. We should be turning our focus to how God can use us to bless others! Amen?