'Lion And The Lamb' Big Daddy Weave Live Performance

'Lion And The Lamb' Big Daddy Weave Live Performance

Check out this live performance of the popular worship song ‘Lion and The Lamb’ by Big Daddy Weave.

“He's coming on the clouds, kings and kingdoms will bow down, and every chain will break
As broken hearts declare His praise, for who can stop the Lord Almighty
And our God is the lion, the Lion of Judah, he's roaring with power, and fighting our battles
And every knee will bow before Him, our God is the lamb, the lamb that was slain
For the sins of the world, his blood breaks the chains, and every knee will bow before
The lion and the lamb, every knee will bow before Him”

This live performance of ‘Lion and The Lamb’ is from the 2016 Dove Awards. While Big Daddy Weave is praising God on the stage, the crowd is worshipping along with them in the theater.

What a wonderful worship song this is! The lyrics are full of joyful expectation of the return of Jesus. And isn’t that our great comfort as believers during trying times, that one day Jesus will return.

The worship song ‘Lion and The Lamb’ was co-written by Big Daddy Weave and Leeland Moorings, who says that the song was undoubtedly God-breathed. He says the chorus literally fell from heaven as he played piano quietly during a prayer time at the conclusion of a worship service in California years ago.

"I felt so uninvolved in the song. The song just kind of happened to me...but those are the best ones, I feel like," Leeland shared in an interview. "It's been a special journey getting to watch that song have a life of its own."

We hope that you enjoyed listening to the worship song ‘Lion and The Lamb’ and it was able to uplift you in some way today!

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