Big Daddy Weave


'Alive' Big Daddy Weave Official Music Video - Staff Picks

Award-winning gospel group Big Daddy Weave release the official music video for ‘Alive. ‘ This powerful song reminds us all that God lives within us and always helps bring out our best side. “But God Rich in mercy You came to save me Now I'm alive But God Strong and mighty You reached down for me So I could rise Now I'm alive” Fellow Christian artist Zach Williams wrote the single ‘Alive’. When he was going through a dark time in his life, the Big Daddy Weave song ‘Redeemed’ helped see him through. After touring with the band, he shared his own composition. Big Daddy Weave decided to record the song. “I am far from being perfect, there are days that I regret On this battlefield, I struggle with the lies that I have lived I have fallen short of glory, I can't make it on my own If You kept record of my past, I'd been sinking like a stone” Mike Weaver, the lead singer for the band told CCM Magazine, “As the Lord used ‘Redeemed’ to touch Zach’s life, He is now using a song that Zach wrote that so deeply speaks to where we are. This song came in its perfect timing, with us coming out of a hard life season and into a season of light. We cannot wait for everyone to hear a song that means so much to us as a band.” This inspirational song is sure to touch many hearts all over the world, just like the band’s previous singles.