2021 09 12 John Haller's Prophecy Update "Accelerating"

2021 09 12 John Haller's Prophecy Update 'Accelerating'

If you've ever ridden a roller-coaster, you know the feeling of being in the front row, looking down at the world below, as the car pauses, moves slowly forward and then suddenly accelerates forward. That, it seems, where we are now...we have crossed over the precipice and are heading deep into the belly of the beast. Everything going by is a blur and if we allow it, the resulting fear will grab us and drag us along with it.

Yet, we know that God is in control, and that rapid descent into a perceived end actually leads to the beginning of our eternity in the presence of God Himself. So strap in, and hold on...it will be a rough ride for a time...but we will emerge victorious and in the presence of our Savior.

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