Billy Graham Classic Sermon On True Love

Billy Graham Classic Sermon On True Love

Listen to this Billy Graham classic sermon on true love from 1973. His message is still true today!

Billy Graham, an ordained Southern Baptist minister, appeared on television throughout six decades so most likely, you’ve seen a sermon or two. He spoke God’s word as an evangelical preacher and worked to unite people with different backgrounds from all over the world.

Billy also served as a spiritual counselor to the U.S. presidents from Harry S. Truman to Barack Obama. He passed away a few years ago at 99 years old. He lived his life for God and His people and didn’t fear death. He famously said, “My home is Heaven. I’m just traveling through this world.”

He began his sermon by speaking openly about the term “love” in the English language. He said, “And the word love is one of those words that is misunderstood and misused so much today.” The word love can be used in so many different situations.

Think about it! One minute you say, “I love that purse!” and the next minute you tell your husband on your 30th anniversary “I love you.” Isn’t it a little ridiculous the same word is used for both of those situations?

Well, Billy talks about how the Greeks had four different words for love. The different words represent affection, sensual feelings, very strong friendship, and God’s love. Affectionate love is for your family and God. Sensual is for your husband or wife. Friendship love is for those friendships that last a lifetime. And God’s love affects the other forms of love and is incomprehensible to us as humans.

In this video, Billy passionately directed his message toward young people looking to fall in love and thinking they may have found true love. He emphasized the importance of acting rationally when it comes to marriage and not running into anything too quickly. He said, “Marriage is a life-long commitment. Be sure that you wait on God’s choice.”

Regardless of sin, Billy said, “God Loves everyone in the whole world with a love that is beyond our comprehension.” The entire Bible tells the story of “God’s love affair with the human race.”

When our worldly troubles seem so big and threatening, just know that His love will remain after every mistake, every fight, and every Sunday that you miss church.

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