Mass Shootings, Race Wars, and the coming Apocalypse

As the world continues on a downward spiral, we see ourselves confronted with high emotions and the winds of change. Mass shootings, police brutality, rumors of a race war, and more are causing people to question their relationships and the people that they are surrounded by. Is this done on purpose or is it just a part of the world we live in? There are many answers to this question and everyone won’t agree to some answers, but the one thing that is clear, we are divided. This division is the ultimate cocktail for chaos as the world continues to kick God out of everything. Jesus told us that in times like these that we should look up, because our redemption is drawing near. This is just the beginning of things to come, but we must hold fast and not lose our sanity… God is still on the throne! Join us tonight as we get to the heart of the matter.

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