Kids Use Video Doorbell To Send Messages To Deployed Dad

Kids Use Video Doorbell To Send Messages To Deployed Dad

Clever kids use their video doorbell to send messages to their deployed dad, and it’ll warm your heart!

Dads make the world turn. They chase monsters from under the bed, crack funny jokes, and have big arms that make us feel secure. They are our heroes in everyday life, and they are the rock that holds a family together.

So when a Dad is deployed halfway around the world, his presence is missed. But one father’s children used a video doorbell to send messages every day while he was deployed.

Last fall, Major Peter DeCrans deployed to Kuwait. It was his third Army deployment, but his first with children at home. It was also harder than ever to talk in real time. "There was an eight hour time difference, and by the time they'd wake up to go to school I'd be in a secure building and there would be no way to be able to call them," Peter said.

His wife Cierra said things were rough at home too because the kids were really missing their dad. She wanted to make videos to send to Peter but the process was difficult for her to do.

"Dealing with the deployment and all the home stuff and everything you have to do was so hard,” she said. But then Cierra’s father came up with an idea that changed everything.

"My dad was like, one day, 'Why don't you guys go tell hi to your dad, you can use this function and he can see it over (in Kuwait),'" Cierra said. "It blew their little minds."

"I couldn't see him but I could talk to him and tell him about my day," said seven-year-old Zerick. "I felt happy." And the messages they leave for their dad will melt your heart. Everyday Zerick and Petroula left messages to their dad about going to school, what they were learning, and even when Zerick got his haircut. What a unique way to use simple technology in a new way to share life with a loved one that is on the other side of the world, protecting his country! See for yourself.

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

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