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Kids Izzy And Easton Earn Praise With Contemporary Dance Routine

Kids Izzy And Easton Earn Praise With Contemporary Dance Routine

Kid dancers Izzy and Easton win over a reluctant Simon with their contemporary dance routine on America’s Got Talent.

These talented dancers have been practicing together for five years. During that time, they’ve created an undeniable bond over their love of dance and food.

Their infectious personalities shine through as they share their backstory and relationship before their audition. Even though the duo is not related, Izzy sees Easton as her big brother.

Today, they’re taking on the big stage at America’s Got Talent in hopes of winning the $1 million prize. “This is gonna be one of the biggest performances we’ve ever done, but I think we’re ready for it.”

After watching multiple acts not receive enough votes from the judges to move on, Izzy and Easton started to get nervous. Even though there was a bit of apprehension, the pair went in to their audition confident. “We’re just gonna do what we know how to do best, which is dance.”

New AGT judge, a fellow dancer, Julianne Hough was excited to see this young pair’s performance. But Simon Cowell had mixed feelings saying, “Does anybody like contemporary dance, out of interest?”

As the music started, Izzy and Easton told the story of the soldier who has gone off to war. Through their epic dance, the duo brings so many emotions to the forefront and make the audience feel the depths of their movements.

By the end, even Simon was on his feet clapping. Izzy and Easton are talented beyond their years and we’re all looking forward to their next performance.