Jeanne Robertson And The Infamous Hand Of Michigan

Jeanne Robertson And The Infamous Hand Of Michigan

Jeanne Robertson shares the hilarious reason people from Michigan need to use their hands to talk.

For decades, Jeanne has brought us tons of laughter and smiles. She has shared so many funny stories about her life and the antics that she always manages to get into.

Through the years, we’ve all come to love her goofy husband, Left Brain, and that unmistakable Southern drawl. Jeanne’s career takes her all over the nation on speaking engagements. Even at the age of 76, Jeanne continues to visit cities all of the country to perform.

Today, we’re looking back at one some of her previous performances and it will have you rolling in no time. If you take a look at Michigan on a map of the United States, it resembles a hand with fingers. This has been a running joke for decades and Jeanne has noticed an interesting trend.

Whenever she meets someone from Michigan and asks where they are from, the person always describe themselves using their hand. For instance, ‘I live in the little finger’ or ‘I live in the palm.’ But what happens when someone’s hand it’s readily available when they are describing their town?

This exact situation happened to one of Jeanne’s friends and she’s re-telling the story in the most hilarious way. Jeanne is so detailed in her description that I can picture myself laughing right along in the middle. Jeanne always has a way of making us laugh and we could all use some extras smiles right now.

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