'Your Love Is Strong' - Cory Asbury

'Your Love Is Strong' - Cory Asbury

‘Strong enough to calm the storms

Of fear and unbelief
Fierce enough to break the cords
Of death that clung to me
'Cause I have come to know a love
Whose power has overcome
Every insecurity
And Heaven moves and demons flee now
As I lift my voice to sing
Oh, Your love is strong’

Cory Asbury is a worship leader with Bethel Music. And there’s no doubt that this young man has a heart for the Lord and a talent for leading people in worship. Cory was truly given a God-given talent and I’m so glad that he’s using that gift to give glory to His name.

Today, he’s reminding us of the awe-worthy power of God’s love with the beautiful song ‘Your Love Is Strong.’ When you listen to the words, you will be reminded that the Lord is all mighty and all knowing. He is truly our protector when times get dark and He will always remain by our side.

Even when we may feel too far gone, you can hold on to the truth that God will never abandon us. He is the compass and the light that will always guide us home. That is such an amazing truth and it all comes across in this song.

This powerful performance is exactly what my heart needed to hear today. We truly serve an amazing Father in Heaven and one day we will all be reunited. Until that day, I will sing from the rooftops of God's glory and love for all mankind.

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