Flame Experiments

Published on youtube Mar 19, 2013 with this description:

Well here it is finally. This is a collection of experiments I did to find the best ways to animate fire. This is sort of an elemental video, if I live long enough I might eventually make movies with the other elements; water, earth and air. Well, I hope you like it.

This movie includes:

-Hand drawn fire, I'm quite pleased with the way it came out.

-Clay animated fire, it doesn't light up like real fire.

-Cotton fire, I died the cotton (from a cottonball) orange and put a light behind it. I think it came out best of all my experiments.

-Lego fire, needs no explanation.

-Real fire, some of my clay working tools got in the foreground without my noticing, sorry about that. I made this with a lighted candle and a clay character by moving the character and taking one picture every 2 1/2 minutes!

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