Thriving with Chronic Illness

Thriving with Chronic Illness

Jennifer Slattery

Episode 7: When God Doesn't Heal

August 25, 2020   ●   30 min

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What happens when you and everyone you know has prayed for you, for years, maybe even decades, yet you remain sick? Do you simply not have enough faith? Did you maybe do something that disappointed God, or perhaps fail to do something that would’ve pleased Him? If you’ve been sick for any length of time, you may have wrestled with these questions. Someone might even have told you, “If only you had more faith, then you’d be well.” And maybe those words still sting and cause doubt.

Jennifer Slattery understands what that feels like. She’s prayed for healing for herself and others. She’s seen God’s miraculous works, but she’s also seen numerous prayers go unanswered. In both, she discovered key truths about God she hopes will encourage you in your journey.

Discussion questions:
1. Have you ever felt as if your prayers went unanswered? If so, how did you respond?
2. Has anyone told you, or insinuated, that God would heal you, if only you had more faith?
3. How can an expectation of healing distort our view of God?
4. How can an expectation of healing indicate we’ve begun to overestimate our wisdom and perception?
5. How can an expectation of healing over-emphasize our experiences or time on earth?
6. Does God always respond as we think best? Explain.
7. Have you witnessed a miracle? If so, share.
8. In what ways has God been glorified through your experiences?
9. What do you think God’s greatest priority for you is?
10. How does knowing God’s faithfulness isn’t dependent on ours encourage you?

Visit Jennifer online at, find her ministry at, and connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.

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