Therapy + Theology with Carley Marcouillier

Therapy + Theology with Carley Marcouillier

Carley Marcouillier

When Sexuality and Faith Collide (with Josh Proctor)

February 16, 2023   ●   46 min

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This week on the podcast I am joined by fellow podcaster and ministry leader Josh Proctor. We dive into the hot-button topics of our culture and discuss the complexities of navigating the collision of sexuality and faith. Sharing from both personal experience and his professional work, Josh explores his journey of coming to a theology of community and what family looks like in God’s kingdom.

Additionally, Josh outlines the theological perspectives of sexuality: Sides X,Y, B, and A. Through our conversation, we will speak to the spiritual formation needs of sexual minorities who are facing the challenges of reconciling their faith and sexuality and provide education to those wanting to know how to better support those in their lives, communities, and churches who fall outside of the normative family system. 

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