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Therapy + Theology with Carley Marcouillier

Carley Marcouillier

Singleness, Shame Scripts and Redefining Our Stories (with Emily Woody)

February 23, 2023   ●   48 min

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In the final episode of the sexuality series, I am joined by my friend and ministry partner, Emily Woody. We discuss the topic of singleness and the journey we have both taken in fighting against the messages that idealize marriage and redefining our stories through God’s guidance and faithful community.

Emily, who has spent over 20 years in ministry as a single women, shares honestly about the way God has transformed her perspective on singleness and encourages other singles to press into the gift that singleness offers them. Additionally, we process the challenging messages of shame related to singleness, discuss sexual desire as single, and how to pursue authenticity and intimacy as singles in relationships with those around us.

We also outline the theology of singleness, as an equal and honorable call in life and not second to marriage. In a world that often leaves singles feeling that they are “too much” or “not enough,” we need to redefine the goodness of singleness and learn to steward it well!

More Resources:

Sexless in the City by Kat Harris

I Don’t Wait Anymore By Grace Thorton  

Authentic Human Sexuality by J. and J. Balswick

Emotionally Healthy Leadership by Pete Scazzero 

Soul of Desire by Curt Thompson

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