Teach Us to Pray

Teach Us to Pray

Christina Patterson

Episode 11: How to Recognize the Voice of God

October 05, 2020   ●   9 min

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Have you ever thought you heard from God but then doubted yourself later on? "Was that really God," you question. "Maybe that was just my own thought or, maybe that was the enemy trying to trick me," you wonder. As we develop more in our faith and grow more in Christ, it becomes easier to hear from God. In today's podcast, we discuss five ways to recognize God's voice to help you further in this area.

Key Takeaways:
• The first thing we must understand when it comes to hearing from God is that God's voice brings peace.
• God will never conflict what is in His written Word. He will not tell you to sin or go against His commands.
• We can recognize God's voice by understanding that God's voice does not bring confusion but clarity.
• With His words, God created the heavens and the earth. Imagine what one word from God could do for your life.

Resources Mentions in This Podcast:
Download Christina's Free 5 Day Prayer Guide at www.belovedwomen.org/prayer-guide to help you put into practice the powerful habit of prayer.

Connect with Christina Paterson:
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Scriptures in the Podcast are from NIV, ESV or NKJV.

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