Matt Redman


'No One Like Our God' Matt Redman Acoustic Performance - Christian Music Videos

Christian artist Matt Redman shares an acoustic performance of ‘No One Like Our God’ at New Song Café. Each and every day, God’s blessings reign down on us. He is truly the King of kings and these lyrics serve as a reminder. “There is no one like our God There is no one like our Saviour How great is Your blessing, how great is Your love There is no one like our God!” Matt Redman has been leading worship for decades. His powerful songs, such as "10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)" and “Gracefully Broken” have touched hearts all over the world. Today, he’s performing another incredible single that is sure to be a church service staple. ‘No One Like Our God’ reminds us that God is in control. He gave His only Son to die for our sins and lifted us of all the pain and sorrow. “Hallelujah, free salvation The burden of a world so lost Lifted from our shoulders carried by the Saviors passion at the Cross” After the acoustic performance, Matt Redman shares the story behind this inspirational song and we even learn how the chords to play it on our own. God has truly given us so much in this lifetime and we continue to thank Him each and every day. Lend your voice to this worship song and sing praises to His name. There is no greater sound than that of Christ-followers gathering together to spread God’s message. What a perfect way to let the world know the good news.