Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear

Jennifer Slattery, Tara Rye and Jodie Bailey

The Courage to Be a Leader - Ep. 28

November 10, 2020   ●   29 min

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We are all leaders in some capacity, and we are all called to leave a positive impact on our world. This call takes courage as we fully step into our roles, even when we feel ill-equipped and unprepared, knowing not only will God use us to actively flood our spheres with light and life but to grow and transform us as well.

In this episode, Wholly Loved’s podcaster Tara Rye shares her insight and experience as former dean of women at Grace University, an executive coach with Cru, and founder of Cultivating Hearts Ministries.

Leading with a Limp by Dan Allender

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Group Discussion Questions:

1. In what areas of your life has God called you to lead?
2. What fears tend to hinder your full acceptance of that role?
3. What expectations have you placed on yourself that aren’t from God?
4. In what ways are you expecting to lead with perfection?
5. How might cultivating a growth mindset (rather than desire for perfection) increase your courage and impact?
6. How are you cultivating “come alongside” relationships—relationships with one or more individuals you can be completely transparent with?
7. In what ways are you surrounding yourself with encouragers?
8. How are you trusting God (rather than your efforts) with your call?
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