Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear

Jennifer Slattery, Jodie Bailey and Shellie Arnold

Courage for When Our Kids Doubt Their Faith – Ep. 27

November 04, 2020   ●   31 min

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When our kids express doubts about their faith and Christianity, many of us begin to feel anxious. We worry their questions might result in complete disbelief and dangerous living. This in turn can trigger some of our fears and insecurities. What if we don’t have the answers they seek? What if they don’t find our answers sufficient? What if religion becomes a wedge that ultimately drives us and our kids apart?

In this episode host Jennifer Slattery speaks with Tom Hinders, a college pastor at one of Omaha, Nebraska’s larger churches to share how we can love our kids well during a time that will likely feel uncomfortable for both them and us.

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Family Discussion Questions:

1. When your youth expresses doubts related to the faith, what fears does this most trigger in you?
2. What does it mean to listen well?
3. Why is it important that we learn to listen well when our children or youth express doubt?
4. When has a failure to listen to well-created conversation barriers between you and your child or youth?
5. What are some ways you can respond lovingly when your youth broaches a topic you don’t have answers for?
6. Why is it important we create a safe environment in which our kids can share how they feel and think honestly?
7. Who is your child or student most likely to come to when they have concerns, deep questions, and life challenges?
8. Why do you think it’s so common for people to place their faith in Jesus during or following a crisis?
9. Why is it important to be quick to apologize and repent when we, the adults, make a mistake or cause our child pain?

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