Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear

Jennifer Slattery, Jodie Bailey, Ava Pennington and Kimi Miller

How God Brings Beauty through Our Pain - Ep. 113

July 19, 2022   ●   31 min

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This world hurts. People mistreat, betray, and abandon us; the economy, at times, sideswipes us; and eventually, our health and vitality will fail. Jesus never promised us a pain-free life. But He did promise to stand with us through every storm, to bring beauty to our greatest hardships, and to one day bring us to a place of eternal rest where sickness, dysfunction, and death won’t exist. In the meantime, we hold tight to His promises, knowing His truth and grace will give us all we need to stand firm even when it feels like our world is spinning out of control.

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Group Discussion Questions:
1. When enduring hardship, do you ever wonder if God is upset with you? Explain.
2. Why might Jesus have told us to expect hardship?
3. Who are some people you tend to turn to during difficult seasons?
4. How easy or difficult is it for you to turn to Christ in your pain?
5. When, if ever, have you wrestled with God, and what was the result?
6. During challenging seasons, why is it important to know and remind ourselves of God’s heart?
7. When has someone else’s complaints weakened or challenged your faith?
8. What are some ways God has used struggle to grow your character?
9. How has God used times of struggle to shift your priorities?
10. What might God be asking you to do as a result of today’s podcast episode?
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