Breathe: The Stress Less Podcast

Breathe: The Stress Less Podcast

Bonnie Gray

Is Self-Care or Soul-Care Selfish or Unspiritual? Why Nurturing Your Wellness Is Practicing Faith With Jesus - #61

March 6, 2023   ●   18 min

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Do you ever feel guilty or selfish at the idea of spending time, money, or attention on something that would bring you peace, joy, or help you take better care of yourself?  Isn’t self-care selfish and soul care too focused on me-me-me? Is this concept even biblical?

Bonnie shares how self-care first originated as soul care from Jesus himself, as He invites us to prioritize rest.  Learn how to nurture your wellness as a faith practice with Jesus.  Meditate on God’s loving promise to help you practice peace. Refresh your mind with biblical truth and calming peace as Bonnie shows you how. Bonnie continues her series “Moving from Anxiety to Rest”. 


- Learn why avoiding soul care and self care increases anxiety

- How to move faith from head knowledge to heart experience

- To calm anxious thoughts at night so you can rest  

Breath Prayer Promise: (Inhale) Stay with me Jesus (Exhale) You understand.

Scripture: “You will no longer be called ‘Forsaken’ . . .But you will be named my Delight . . .For the Lord delights in you.” isaiah 62:4–5

Soul Care Tip: The science behind stopping negative rumination at night


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