Breathe: The Stress Less Podcast

Breathe: The Stress Less Podcast

Bonnie Gray

How to Calm Anxiety in Life’s Storms: Practice Peace with Jesus - #59

February 20, 2023   ●   19 min

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How do we experience the peace in our bodies and emotions that we know we have in Jesus? We do we calm the storms in our critical thoughts when life plans fall apart?

Bonnie shows you how to break the anxiety bond your mind creates in moments of stress and calm your mind with God’s peace.

Bonnie focuses on your spiritual wellness in her series “Moving from Anxiety to Rest.” Meditate on God’s loving promise to help you practice peace in today’s episode. Refresh your mind with biblical truth and calming peace as Bonnie shows you how.


- To break the anxiety bond your mind creates in moments of stress

- How to quiet mind from critical thoughts and respond to Jesus’s voice instead

- Why your body experiences anxiety when you don’t understand why

- How to calm your fears and emotional overwhelm with Jesus

- To use a simple prayer practice to stop anxious thoughts right away

- To Improve spiritual wellness by learning how to hear Jesus in the storms of life

Breath Prayer Promise: (Inhale) I Will Not Be Afraid (Exhale) For You Are With Me

Scripture: ‘Take heart; it is I.Do not be afraid.’ Mark 6:50

Soul Care Tip: Bonnie shares how to replace negative neural pathway with God’s truth and affirmation. Using imaginative prayer to invite Jesus into your storm.


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