"Hectic sluggard"

Lazy? Not me. I'm busy. Up early, up late. My schedule is filled from beginning to end. I love what I do and I love getting stuff done. I attack a daily to-do list with the same intensity I play basketball."

I couldn't identify more with these words written by Christian blogger C. J. Mahaney. It's great to keep busy and accomplish stuff, isn't it?

If we grasp what true diligence is all about as presented in Proverbs, however, we may discover that we are simply being hectic sluggards. Here's why. Proverbs 10:5 describes the diligent person as busy and wise. In other words, a diligent person uses both his brawn and brain. He analyzes his situation and makes wise decisions in his labor. He knows how to act and speak in different situations. He doesn't back down from challenges, but seeks to navigate around or through them with God's help. He knows that wisdom doesn't imply superior IQ. It's found in a healthy fear of the Lord (9:10).

A diligent person also works in anticipation of the harvest. She has a clear goal to accomplish and she applies appropriate action at the right time by harvesting in summer.

She recognizes that busyness does not make us immune from laziness. People can be busy and still not accomplish anything of true value. They can be busy, but with doing the wrong things and at the wrong time. And the things that they should be doing are left undone.

Diligence flows from analysis, anticipation, appropriate action, and accomplishment, all prompted by the Holy Spirit's active work within us. When considering our schedules, let's pursue priorities and projects that are derived from God's wise plans. To be diligent for God does not mean simply being busy. , Poh Fang Chia, Our Daily Journey

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