"Being satisfied"

Biju Thampy, a young man from India, knew poverty. When an unidentified benefactor sent him to England to be trained for the ministry, Thampy was unwilling to rest in comfort. Hungry for the realization of the Great Commission, he asked the school officials to use part of the funds from his meal provisions for missions. For him, eating only one meal a day was a small price to pay. Today, his church in Mumbai feeds approximately 1,000 children each day while teaching them the gospel. An amazing feat, but only a fraction of the city's more than 200,000 homeless children.

The world teaches us to measure our contentment based upon our circumstances. We not only live in a "gotta have it" culture, but one telling us "have it your way." If something you buy doesn't work the way you want it to, return it. If a relationship doesn't work, let it go. If your job isn't what you wanted, find a new one. If you feel something is missing in your life, a person or material thing can make you happier. We refuse to do without.

We will always have needs, things we want, or desired improvements in our relationships. Trying to find answers in our circumstances leaves our hearts indecisive about God's provision (James 1:5-8). Only Christ can fulfill what we truly need. Godly contentment goes beyond circumstances.

Contentment doesn't just happen. It's a choice that begins by seeing things from God's perspective (Job 28:24). When we see Him as our source, our needs become defined by His heart. We choose: • To trust in the Lord above things, people, and situations (Philippians 4:6-7). • To pull our thoughts toward what really matters (v.8). • To look at what we have, instead of what we don't have and to see Christ as our source of satisfaction (vv.11-13). , Regina Franklin, Our Daily Journey

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