"Deep waters, dark nights"

In the film The Perfect Storm, a captain and crew head out for what they hope will be an uneventful fishing expedition. In their quest for a bountiful catch, they motor far past their normal fishing location. There they find great success, but as they turn for home they encounter the horrifying combination of two powerful weather fronts and a hurricane. The crew struggles as they attempt to cut through deep waters, a dark night, pounding waves, and shrieking winds. Ultimately, the fierce weather overwhelms them.

As the disciples made their way across the Sea of Galilee to Bethsaida, they too found themselves in a ferocious storm, experiencing turbulent, deep waters and a dark night. They struggled to sail through pounding waves and shrieking winds. Though they could not see Jesus, Jesus could see them (Mark 6:48). He saw their exhaustion, desperation, and even their lack of progress. Not only did He see them, He came to them in an unexpected and powerful way, walking on the water (vv.48-49). When Jesus walked on the water, He gave them a glimpse of the unlimited power of God. Though they couldn't speak, Jesus spoke to them: "Don't be afraid. . . . Take courage! I am here!" (v.50). His words and presence gave them courage.

If you're experiencing deep waters and dark nights, remember three things: (1) When you can't see Jesus, Jesus sees you. He sees your hard work, exhaustion, sorrow, fear, and your lack of progress, and He cares deeply for you. (2) When you can't come to Jesus, Jesus comes to you, in unexpected and powerful ways. His coming is not always to deliver us, but to remind us that He's still in control and will not let us be overwhelmed. (3) When we can't speak to Jesus, Jesus speaks to us. He speaks powerful words of assurance: "I am here!" , Marvin Williams, Our Daily Journey

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